SPAN 1110/Fall 2016

“The instructor did a very good job of teaching this class. She filled up entire class periods with activities to help us learn and understand topics well. When we were all quiet she motivated us to talk and find the energy to speak up for the 55 minutes we are in class.”

“The instructor used class time effectively and operated class primarily in the language that was being taught unless a topic was too confusing to understand.”

“Was very professional but also very easy to talk to. Overall, would not have wanted a different instructor.”

SPAN 1120/SPRING 2016

“Genoveva was a great teacher who showed a lot of enthusiasm every day. When we were learning hard material she would slow down her speaking in order to allow us to understand either what we were learning or what we would be doing in class. She did a great job of making the class enjoyable and I never missed a class because of this. It wasn’t a chore to come, it was fun.”

Genoveva used classtime well, and spoke in Spanish most of the time. Sometimes she had to use English because we did not know what she was saying. She tried her best to motivate us to want to learn the subject but sometimes it was hard considering our class was at 8:30. She did the best she could and most of the time we did participate in class.”

The instructor was very enthusiastic most of the time and made sure we understood each question in class even if we did not say we were lost like we were a lot she would keep checking until she knew we all had it. She was very nice and easy to work with.”

SPAN 1110/SPRING 2016

She was more than understanding and helpful during class. She took time to speak the language while in the classroom, but would help us in English if we could not un she made this course challenging, but in a way that was helpful for learning.”

She was nice, fun and very helpful. She made learning Spanish more tolerable. I think that shes a great instructor and helped me grasp the difficult concepts. She also made herself available outside of class and helped me and another student find native speakers to interview. Overall, I would have liked to have had her for the entire semester because I really feel like Spanish class became 10 times more fun/helpful after she became our instructor.”

Genoveva was a great instructor. She knew how to teach the material very well. Especially given the circumstances for my class where we had a change of teachers multiple times before settling with Genoveva. She adjusted very well and made sure to do her best that the class did not suffer from it. She is very patient with the students. When I think of how a Spanish teacher is supposed to be, Genoveva fits that description.”

She did a good job coming into a class at the end of the semester and making us feel that we could still have open dialogue in the class.”